The Crops

In the Alt Camp we have inherited a wise deeply rooted peasant farming culture which even today is visible in the landscape of tended fields and dry stonewalls.

We work on six different plots, located around Valls totalling about 15 hectares. We grow vines olives, almonds and hazelnut in an agro-ecological manner, and following biodynamic principles. We also produce hay, carob, vegetable, and fruits for our own use.

When working the land, the premise that we adhere to is respect for the environment. We try to maintain and if possiblquisome enhance the biodiversity of different species of plants and animals. In the vineyard, for example, we respect the microorganisms that will subsequently effect fermentation. We intervene as little as possible with the soil, leaving it covered by natural vegetation, and mixing it with the leftovers from pruning.

In this undertaking we work according to the criteria of biodynamics: following the rhythms of the biodynamic calendar, with the concept of nature as the whole macro-cosmos and applying different preparations based on minerals, plants and animal parts in order to revitalise the soil, the plants, and also the people it feeds.

We harvest fruit at optimum ripeness. The grape harvest is undertaken manually, in 20 kilo boxes which allows us to make the best selection of grapes.